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Our Story

Established in 2020, with a dream which began long before that.

My name is Gillian and this is my business.

I live in Skerries, a lovely seaside town in North County Dublin, Ireland.

I am a mother to two beautiful boys who are fully invested in a career as police officers and thankfully as big into 'cosy' as I am!

Inspiration for my business came from watching them every day role playing their lives as police officers, a serious role, fighting crime and catching bad guys however, always wanting to be comfortable whilst doing so!

And so, Waylon & Flo was born....

Born from the belief that pyjamas are so much more to children than just an item of clothing that they wear to bed. They can be a source of comfort after a long day or their favourite item of clothing on a rainy day spent at home playing. 

Now, due to a global pandemic, children are indoors more than ever. However, childrens imaginations continue to flourish through play. There are bad guys to catch, fires to extinguish and medicine to administer! Now they can be ready to get to work straight from their bed wearing our wonderful pyjamas!

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