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Gillian Smith

Owner & Founder

Here I am doing the part of my job that I am most uncomfortable with - putting myself out there! I wanted to introduce myself to my customers and tell you a bit of my story! Firstly, my name is Gillian and this is my business. I’m a mum to two beautiful boys, Max & Ryan. I’m sure you will get to know them as they will feature heavily as models for my designs! They are also the inspiration for my business. They adore the police and they really transform when they wear an item of dress up clothing. Their confidence grows when they act out the role and they have conversations with people that, possibly they would have been too shy to speak while wearing their “plain clothes”. I feel these pyjamas are an extension to that. They are never off duty! I started my business because of the reasons above but also because I truly believe in my product, which, when I first started the design process, felt like it would always just be a dream. I hoped I would have the confidence in myself to be able to drive it forward and get it out there into the real world. I am passionate about my product because I believe it will have a positive impact on children. Children develop a range of skills through role play, I’ve seen it with my own eyes watching my boys. I believe role play brings about learning opportunities in a way that they are comfortable engaging with and I believe it opens up the world to a child who might be quite shy. Just like adults at work when they put their uniform on, they take on the role they were hired for in a way that maybe differs from who they are at home. Someone who is actually quite shy, might become more outgoing in uniform for instance. It’s the same for children. I know that there are so many children who look up to role models like firefighters, nurses, army personnel and more and I aim to enable them to become some of their idols and hopefully test out a few career paths along the way too ☺️ Gillian x

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